Terms of Use (Disclaimer, Excluded Routes)

Please be sure to read the following terms and conditions before using the "Tokyu Bus Tokyu Railways Route/Timetable" (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"). By starting to use the Service, you are deemed to have agreed to the matters set forth below.
About the Service
・Tokyu Bus Corporation and Tokyu Corporation provide the Service using the "Transfer and Timetable Service" of NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd..
・Please use the search results of the Service as a guide only. Although the provided data has been thoroughly inspected, the accuracy of the data is not guaranteed.
・The Service may be suspended, terminated, or its contents may be changed without prior notice.
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About timetables, fares, etc.
・The timetables, fares, and other data related to the Service are updated by NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd. based on information provided by Tokyu Bus Corporation and Tokyu Corporation. When amendments are made to the timetable, the data may not be updated in time for the amendment date due to the timing of the information provided by the provider.
・Bus times are shown based on planned schedules. The actual arrival and departure times may differ from the displayed times due to road conditions and other factors.
About route search results
・The Service does not take into account disruptions in transportation services due to accidents, weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc.
・The Service does not guarantee connections when transferring amoung trains and buses.
・Depending on the date and time specified in the search conditions, route search results that do not reflect data after the schedule revision may be displayed.
About bus location display
・In the Service, the location information of the bus is acquired and displayed at regular intervals by the radio equipment mounted on the bus. It takes some time to process the data, so there may be some discrepancies.
・Please note that there may be cases where the bus position cannot be displayed accurately or is not displayed due to communication problems, repair or malfunction of the radio equipment, etc.
・Please note that the following routes are not covered by the Service.
 ●【新横81】Nippa Station - (via Kitashin-Yokohama Station)- Shin-Yokohama Station
 ●【直行】Kosugi Station East Exit - Canon Tamagawa Office
 ●【直行】Azamino Station - Tama University Meguro Seminar House
 ●Buses direct to Haneda Airport and Narita Airport
 ●Express bus
 ● Routes to and from the bus operator office
・The Service is intended to improve customer convenience by providing bus operation information, so please use it as a guide only.
Congestion level display
・In the Service, the number of passengers getting on and off the bus is obtained at regular intervals by the wireless devices installed near the entrances and exits of the bus. The level of congestion is calculated based on the seating capacity of the bus, which is displayed in three levels. It does not contain any information that could lead to the identification of individual customers.
・The Service is not available for routes that do not display the bus location. Please note that there may be cases where the congestion level cannot be accurately displayed or is not displayed due to equipment or boarding sensors.
・Please note that the Service does not guarantee that you will be seated in the bus or that you will board a bus without congestion. By being able to check the congestion of the bus in a timely manner, the Service is intended to help passengers make decisions, reduce their burden, and further improve the safety of bus operations.
Tokyu Bus Corporation, Tokyu Corporation, and NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any accidents or damages arising from the above, or from the use or inability to use the Service.
About maps
* Please note that some areas/spots may not be included on the map.
* Approval by the Director-General of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan based on the Survey Act (use) R 5JHs 167-B7号
* The maps displayed on this service are created using the Electronic National Land Map (map information), a numerical map (basic national land information) published by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, with the approval of the Director General. (Approval number 平29情使、 第1521号)
* The maps displayed in this service are created using the National Land Information (Population Concentration Area data) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
* Approval by the Director-General of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan based on the Survey Act (use) R 5JHs 171-B5号
* This map is based on the National Digital Road Map Database (Japan Digital Road Map Association, (c)2017-2021) published by the Japan Digital Road Map Association, with additions and modifications by Zenrin Corporation. (Unauthorized reproduction prohibited) (Approval for use of results based on Article 44 of the Survey Act 12-2010)(Approval for use of results based on Article 44 of the Survey Act 12-2040)
Revision of this page
The matters set forth above may be revised without prior notice to the customer. Please check this page from time to time and use the Service only after accepting the contents.